Our Story

EEP was born in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest where Andres and Raul met coincidentally as they were passing by. In one night, they shared their life’s experiences and the vision they had to create a network of global leaders with an appreciation and true understanding of Nature.  

The founders believe in the potential that everyone has to learn. "True learning - learning that is permanent and useful, that leads to intelligent actions and further learning - can arise only out of the experiences, interests, and concerns of the learner".


About the Founders 



Raul discovered his passion towards education as he volunteered to teach English in the little town of Mandore, in India. As he was departing the school where he taught, he had this incredible feeling of love and passion, and a strong sense of responsibility to help younger generations become the greatest expression of themselves. Raul is a strong believer that education is the biggest equalizer and that, if provided the correct tools, any person can become a change agent.  

Raul is originally from Ecuador, he did his undergrad studies in the USA and then worked in various industries including banking, corporate finance and nonprofit. He is currently getting his MBA from Hult International Business School in San Francisco. 


Andres who is originally from Ecuador lives with his girlfriend and his rescued cat, Shigra, outside of the city of Quito, his second home is the outdoors. He has an extended background working in conservation and activism, as young he was involved in a project called Yakuñan which encouraged the use of alternative means of transportation and the recovery of public spaces in different cities around South America.  Andres has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism with a specialization on Ecotourism. He is a licensed National Guide and travels the four regions of Ecuador working as an outdoor and experiential educator, adventure guide, and naturalist. He started his career at Outward-bound 10 years ago.


Andres has also lead the development of sustainable Ecotourism projects in the Amazon Rainforest to empower local indigenous communities and provide them with alternative sources of income.