Leadership &
Self-Development Program


Three Pillars of Leadership:
Growth Mindset, Team Work and Critical Thinking 

Growth Mindset: The believe that Intelligence can be developed, embracing challenges and accepting failures as components of learning.

Team Work: Today’s competitive global environment requires students to develop their own potentials while also effectively collaborate in teams to achieve outcomes.

Critical Thinking: Analyzing issues objectively taking into consideration all stakeholders before formulating a judgment. 


Two Pillars for Self-Development: Introspection and Vision

Introspection: Appreciate students own skills and opportunities through self-reflection and peer feedback.

Vision: Formulate a vision of desired skills to learn or master.


Nature as
Your Classroom
& Our Vision


Nature as your Classroom

Natural Ecosystems such as the Amazon Rainforest become our classrooms exposing students to the wonders of nature and the organisms living in it. 


Our Vision

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to become a changemaker. We aspire to create a new generation of global minded responsible leaders.