Ecuador Summer 2019

This 12-day program is not your average summer break. Whether you’re questioning your career choices, need a change, feel a little lost or just want to discover a beautiful country. This Eco Experience trip has something for everyone. Beautiful nature, workshops and yoga to connect with ourselves and local communities to learn from. This trip is curated to give you the most authentic experience of this beautiful country.

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An experience of a lifetime

Experience the highland mountains and Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador with a few cities in between. Join us for hikes, nature discovery walks, local plant-based foods and connection to ancestral knowledge. Watch the video below of the EEP August 2018 trip to get a taster!

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Connection with yourself & nature

From one ecosystem to the next, discover new plants, animals and ways to interact with nature. Join us for vision quests, yoga & some interpersonal workshops to reflect nature’s learnings within yourself. Let nature be the guide to answer the questions that remain unanswered.

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Learn from indigenous wisdom

Meet local Woarani tribes in the Amazon Rainforest, discover their deep knowledge of nature and hear their bonfire stories. Learn how local families live deep in the Amazon Rainforest and get to know local communities. Share ancient cooking traditions.